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Maple Rolls


The Canadian Flag indicates that we have Maple Bundles available from these collections. The bolt sizes are on average 2-6 meters each bolt and there are 4 to 6 bolts in each bundle. If you would like a package of the bundle added to your order, please indicate this on your order.


Winter Snow - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR76 (Packs of 4)

Harvest Batiks - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR77 (Packs of 4)

Sweet Scent - Using Stof Fabrics
MR828 (Packs of 4)

Zig and Zag - Using Hoffman Fabrics
MR2770 (Packs of 4)

Ornamental Splendor - Using Benartex Fabrics
MR6080 (Packs of 4)

Cowboys - Using Michael Miller Fabrics
MR6751 (Packs of 4)

Color Weave - Using Benartex Fabrics
MR6068 (Packs of 4)

Sew Vintage Garden - Using Benartex Fabrics
MR10010 (Packs of 4)

Melbourne - Usimg Benartex fabrics
MR6090 (Packs of 4)

Fancy Free - Using Benartex Fabrics
MR5106 (Packs of 4)

Sea Breeze - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR74 (Packs of 4)

Peppermint Candy -Using Assorted Fabrics
MR73 (Packs of 4)

Country Harvest - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR75 (Packs of 4)

That's Jazz - Using Benartex Fabrics
MR8140 (Packs of 4)

Happy Holidays -Using Benartex Fabrics
MR4570 (Packs of 4)

Quilter's History - Using Stof Fabrics
MR193 (Packs of 4)

Carina - Using Benartex Fabrics
MR6180 (Packs of 4)

Hen Pals - Using Benartex Fabrics
MR8190 (Packs of 4)

All The Trimmings - Using Michael Miller Fabrics
MR6626 (Packs of 4)

New Nordic - Using Stof Fabrics
MR769 (Packs of 4)

Redwork Meets Blue Work - Using RJR Fabrics
MR2425 (Packs of 4)

Sew Vintage - Using Benartex Fabrics
MR6016 (Packs of 4)

Chickadees & Berries - Using Benartex Fabrics
MR4741 (Packs of 4)

Tickled Pink - Using Assorted Moda Fabrics
MR68 (Packs of 4)

Crush - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR63 (Packs of 4)

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