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Maple Rolls


The Canadian Flag indicates that we have Maple Bundles available from these collections. The bolt sizes are on average 2-6 meters each bolt and there are 4 to 6 bolts in each bundle. If you would like a package of the bundle added to your order, please indicate this on your order.


Peppermint Petals - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR50 (Packs of 4)

Blenders & Brights - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR49 (Packs of 4)

Colour Blitz - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR48 (Packs of 4)

Castles In The Sand - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR47 (Packs of 4)

Fairy Frost - Using Michael Miller Fabrics
MR00376 (Packs of 4)

Raphael - Using Stof Fabrics
MR4590 (Packs of 4)

Minimized - Using Stof Fabrics
MR341 (Packs of 4)

Deck the Halls - Using Benartex Fabrics
MR6452 (Packs of 4)

Burlap and Lace - Using Benartex Fabrics
MR750 (Packs of 4)

Sunshine & Shadows - Using Assorted Batiks
MR45 (Packs of 4)

Pink Passion - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR43 (Packs of 4)

Red Hot Love - Using Assorted fabrics
MR42 (Packs of 4)

Showers of Flowers - Using RJR Fabrics
MR1855 (Packs of 4)

Burlap Solids - Using Benartex Fabrics
MR1757 (Packs of 4)

Daily Zen - Using Benartex fabrics
MR1735 (Packs of 4)

Razzle Dazzle - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR39 (Packs of 4)

Flutter - Using RJR Fabrics
MR1959 (Packs of 4)

Fire & Ice - Using Hoffman Batiks
MR36 (Packs of 4)

Peppered Shadow - Earth Colours - Using Stof Fabrics
MR4508E (40 pcs)

Peppered Shadow - Dark Colours - Using Stof Fabrics
MR4508D (Packs of 4)

Wild Horses - Using Michael Miller Fabrics
MR5744 (Packs of 4)

Ecco - Using Benartex Fabrics
MR6343 (Packs of 4)

Bricks & Stones - Using Assorted Stof Fabrics
MR35 (Packs of 4)

Caravan - Using Benartex Fabrics
MR470 (Packs of 4)

Palazzo - Using Benartex Fabrics
MR6356 (Packs of 4)

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