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Maple Rolls


The Canadian Flag indicates that we have Maple Bundles available from these collections. The bolt sizes are on average 2-6 meters each bolt and there are 4 to 6 bolts in each bundle. If you would like a package of the bundle added to your order, please indicate this on your order.


Tweet Me - Using Michael Miller Fabrics
MR7348 (Packs of 4)

Sew Sew - Using Benartex Fabrics
MR8466 (Packs of 4)

Kitchen Love - Using Benartex Fabrics
MR1431 (Packs of 4)

Dance of the Dragonfly - Using Benartex Fabrics
MR18498 (Packs of 4)

Dreamscape - Using Benartex Fabrics
MR1046 (Packs of 4)

Pixie Dust - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR104 (Packs of 4)

Neverland - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR103 (Packs of 4)

My House - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR102 (Packs of 4)

Ocean Breeze - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR101 (Packs of 4)

Butter Cream - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR100 (Packs of 4)

From Porto With Love - Using Cotton + Steel Fabrics
MR2032 (Packs of 4)

Trinket - Using Cotton + Steel Fabrics
MR0034 (Packs of 4)

Raindrop - Using Cotton + Steel Fabrics
MR1936 (Packs of 4)

Casablanca - Using RJR Fabrics
MR2793 (Packs of 4)

Good Tidings - Using Hoffman Fabrics
MR7516 (Packs of 4)

Spring Garden - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR95 (Packs of 4)

Bird's Eye View - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR93 (Packs of 4)

Festive Fun - Using RJR Fabrics
MR2778 (Packs of 4)

Christmas In July - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR89 (Packs of 4)

Garden Party - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR90 (Packs of 4)

Mystique - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR88 (Packs of 4)

Island Sunset - Using Assorted Batiks
MR91 (Packs of 4)

Untamed - Using assorted Fabrics
MR86 (Packs of 4)

Basic Blacks & Beiges - Using Benartex Fabric
MR616 (Packs of 4)

Safari - Using RJR Fabrics
MR2661 (Packs of 4)

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