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Maple Rolls


The Canadian Flag indicates that we have Maple Bundles available from these collections. The bolt sizes are on average 2-6 meters each bolt and there are 4 to 6 bolts in each bundle. If you would like a package of the bundle added to your order, please indicate this on your order.


Sunday Ride - Using Benartex Fabrics
MR10080 (Packs of 4)

Paws For A Cause - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR92 (Packs of 4)

Christmas In July - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR89 (Packs of 4)

Garden Party - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR90 (Packs of 4)

Spring In My Step - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR87 (Packs of 4)

Mystique - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR88 (Packs of 4)

Island Sunset - Using Assorted Batiks
MR91 (Packs of 4)

Soho Calico Blues
MR10110B (Packs of 4)

Untamed - Using assorted Fabrics
MR86 (Packs of 4)

Nature Walk - Using Michael Miller Fabrics
MR7088 (Packs of 4)

Basic Blacks & Beiges - Using Benartex Fabric
MR616 (Packs of 4)

First Words - Using RJR Fabrics
MR2635 (Packs of 4)

Safari - Using RJR Fabrics
MR2661 (Packs of 4)

My Heart At Home - Using RJR Fabrics
MR2673 (Packs of 4)

In The Kitchen - Using RJR Febarics
MR2600 (Packs of 4)

Abby's Closet - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR84 (Packs of 4)

Basically Patrick Update 2016 - Using RJR Fabrics
MR2031 (Packs of 4)

Spring is in the Air - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR83 (Packs of 4)

Waterfall - Using Assorted Batiks
MR81 (Pack sof 4)

Dust 'N' Soot - Using Assorted Batiks
MR80 (Packs of 4)_

Erosion (Packs of 4) - Using Assorted Batiks
MR78 (Packs of 4)

Into The Jungle - Using Assorted Batiks
MR79 (Packs of 4)

Walking on Fire - Using Assorted Batiks
MR82 (Packs of 4)

Brittany - Using Benartex Fabrics
MR10030 (Packs of 12)

Winter Snow - Using Assorted Fabrics
MR76 (Packs of 4)

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