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Charm Packs

*Note Limited stock on early pre-cuts.

Bella Solids
PP99005 (Packs of 12)

Tropical Punch Batiks
PP4338 (Packs of 12)

First Crush
PP5600 (Packs of 12)

Old Cambridge Pike
PP8320 (Packs of 12)

PP17850 (Packs of 12)

PP33050 (Packs of 12)

Ever After
PP19740 (Packs of 12)

30'S Playtime 2015
PP33040 (Packs of 12)

Basic Mixologie
PP33020 (Packs of 12)

Grunge Basics
PP30150N1 (Packs of 12)

Petite Prints Deux
PP13750 (Packs of 12)

Hyde Park
PP2760 (Packs of 12)

Dogwood Trail Ii
PP33030 (Packs of 12)

Bright Sun
PP37500 (Packs of 12)

PP27220 (Packs of 12)

Color Daze Batiks
PP42240 (Packs of 12)

Color Daze Prints
PP42230 (Packs of 12)

PP32995 (Packs of 12)

Dot Dot Dash
PP22260 (Packs of 12)

Eliza's Indigo
PP31500 (Packs of 12)

PP5010 (Packs of 12)

Le Marais
PP13730 (Packs of 12)

PP21680 (Packs of 12)

Maple Island
PP6610 (Packs of 12)

Mille Couleurs
PP44080 (Packs of 12)

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